Recipes That Came Straight Out Of Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, might be widely known for gambling and other world-class entertainment. While it’s possible to play casino games online these days through NetBet casino, one reason to go Las Vegas is that it is increasingly becoming recognized as a top-notch culinary destination that offers a wide variety of dining experiences for every kind of palate.

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So whether you’re down or up on your gambling luck, you’re bound to win when it comes to the food that the City of Sin has to offer, be it American-style flair or international flavours. With that said, here are some of the top dishes that you can find in Las Vegas.

L.A lasagna

These tubes of lasagna out of Cafe Hollywood have become famous for both their taste and generous portions. The meal comes with four noodles stuffed with ricotta and Bolognese that are deep-fried and served with roasted garlic sauce. If you’re not a big fan of garlic, you have the option of opting for their tasty tomato basil instead. Regardless of what you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a good time with this dish.

High roller

For those who are indecisive eaters, the high roller dish is something you should consider. This Cafe Hollywood dish is a Ferris wheel of samples of their most popular food: chicken tenders, shrimp tempura, buffalo wings, artichoke and spinach dip, shrimp tempura, and chicken barbecue tostadas. It’s an ideal dish for people who are unsure of what to order.

Fried chicken sage and waffles

It can be hard to understand what the dish is all about until you’ve taken out the steak knife that holds the tower of food together. But once you do, you’ll find two sizable chicken breasts, four bacon-baked waffles, and some friend leeks. To top it all off, Hash-House A Go restaurant also drizzles sweet maple syrup on the dish, showing that they clearly don’t hold back.

Carbonara mac-and-cheese

Anyone familiar with Italian cuisine knows that carbonara generally doesn’t come with the creaminess of mac-and-cheese. However, Buddy V’s restaurant breaks the rule and combines the two in one delectable dish. Their mac-and-cheese carbonara comprises smoked fontina and mozzarella and includes pancetta and egg. Don’t let your nose turn up at the peas either; its sweet flavour offsets the richness of the cheese.

Beef Wellington

While this signature dish of Gordon Ramsay has earned fame through the show Hell’s Kitchen, he’s been serving beef wellington at the majority of all the restaurants that he helms, and it’s easy to see why. With a tender and juicy filet mignon that’s covered with a delicious mushroom paste and a puff pastry, it’s a dish that more than measures up to the hype.


Few cities can top Las Vegas when it comes to both entertainment and food. So, on your next trip to the city, make sure that you give the abovementioned dishes a try. They’ll elevate the experience of being Vegas in ways that few others can.


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