How To Pick A Good Online Butcher 

When it comes to new trends, a surprising one is online butchers. Now that they’re popping up all over the UK, how do you make sure that you’re buying your meat from the highest-quality butcher online? 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before purchasing from a local online butcher. 

Look For Certification

If you want to run a meat-processing business, you need a certificate of processing. So, when looking for an online butcher, this certification demonstrates whether the meat is safe for your family. This means it’s vital to keep an eye out for this certification, or if it’s not on the website, send an email and enquire. This may be the difference between safe meat and cutting corners, so check it out. 

Research Properly

When it comes to buying anything online, research is key. But when it comes to food products, research becomes vital.  You should visit every area of the website, learn more about the brand, read customer reviews, and look into what people are saying, so you get a good idea of what’s going on. After doing all this research, you should shop around before making a decision, which is time-consuming but will be worth it in the end. 

Look For Freshness

Regardless of whether it is farm-fresh or processed, all meat has an expiration date. When purchasing meat, look for freshness. If in doubt, remember that fresh meat often looks clean and does not have an odour. If anything seems off, returning the meat or contacting the butcher is a good idea before eating, as it can make you seriously ill. To bypass the issues and choose a fresh option, it’s better to look into the way the meat is delivered to the online butcher, do they source locally or from further away? 

Check The Website Quality

Any online butcher worth their salt will have a well-designed and functional website or app. This is because websites are reflections of a brand and its values, so if the website you’re ordering from doesn’t work, it’s likely to show that something is wrong behind the scenes. 

Make sure everything is easy to find on the online butcher’s website and keep an eye out for conflicting ideas and a lack of transparency.  A good website will let you know everything you need to know about the meat’s condition, quality, packaging, weight, cut and grade. 

See What They Offer

If you just want meats that are run of the mill, like chicken, lamb or beef, you will be able to find this at most online butchers. But if you’re interested in some more varied cuts, such as parsons nose beef wellington in the UK turkey, duck or venison, you should make sure all the butchers you consider online can offer this and offer it with the same amount of freshness expected in-store. 

Check The Delivery 

When it comes to buying meat online, you should make sure it remains fresh when it arrives at your doorstep. This means checking if the meat is arriving in a temperature-controlled manner, so the meat remains fresh, or if it’s coming to you at room temperature, which is very dangerous to your health. 

Before You Make Your Choice

Now that you know what to keep a lookout for when shopping around, it’s worth knowing that Parson’s Nose in the UK is the leading supplier of online meats to Fulham, South Kensington, Putney and UK-wide. With a wide selection of meats, uncompromising customer service and a commitment to quality, you can’t beat Parson’s Nose. Buy now and enjoy the fresh cuts for your next dinner. 

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