Home-roasted coffee is easier than you think

Big soft drink drinkers tend to be familiar with the various types of soft drink preparation and the flavors associated with it. Thus, tea drinkers may prefer green, black or turquoise (oolong) tea, brew it more than once, and argue about what temperature is optimal for their tea. Coffee lovers have their own battlefield.

Many people think about making fresh coffee at home. Ground coffee from the nearest coffee shop may lose its novelty of taste, and you have already tasted all the coffee beans available in your city stores. How about green coffee beans?

You can order green coffee beans in your specialty store or online, for example, on https://festcoffeemission.com/en/price/. Their big advantage is their long shelf life – which means you can buy a large batch of green coffee beans and roast them as needed. In addition, green coffee beans are cheaper, and you can order green coffee from farms that do not sell roasted beans, so the unique taste of your morning coffee can be considered guaranteed.

There is nothing particularly complicated in roasting coffee beans:

  • preheat your coffee roaster or oven to 204°C;
  • fill the tray with coffee beans but do not overfill, leave a little space – the beans expand when heated;
  • wait for the first crackle of the beans – approximately 5 minutes after the start of roasting;
  • keep an eye on the coffee beans: after waiting for the desired aroma and color of the beans, turn off the roaster;
  • remove and quickly cool the beans on a baking sheet or a special stand.

Your next step should be finding an ideal place to store your coffee: dark, cool, away from moisture. Pour your beans into an airtight container and let them rest there for 24 hours, and even better – 48, since the beans will cool completely during this time and their taste and aroma will be better manifested. Then you can take out the coffee grinder, set the desired grinding mode, and then pour freshly ground coffee into your coffee machine or cezve – it all depends on your habits!

A large supply of coffee beans will allow you to experiment with the degree of roast, which means you can both perfect the roast of your favorite coffee and discover new flavors in the process.

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